Now that’s a hit!

“OMG, this my favorite GBV album since … ” has been said many times over the years about albums that soon wind up on the back burner, then the back shelf, then the backseat of the car on the way to the used record store. But longtime loyal miners of the band’s seemingly endless output should be pleased by the high gem-to-turd ratio in August By Cake. The stylistic variety is noteworthy, with the band bouncing easily from Big Star pop (“Goodbye Note”), to barroom rockers (“Keep Me Down”) to shoegaze (“Deflect Project”), all with a unique GBV spin. A positive review at The Fire Note states that Pollard had every other member of the current lineup contribute songs and vocals, and that certainly seems to be one of its strengths. Bobby Bare Jr. is responsible for the excellent “High Five Hall of Famers,”Fire Note says, and drummer Kevin March gave us what jumps out to me as the first obvious hit from the album, “Overloaded“. It’s another Big Starish tune, with chorus lyrics via Teenage Fanclub.


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